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Outlaw Racing League (ORL) Series Update

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Season Finale....

The 2003 series finale will be at Pottbellys RC near Vineland NJ on Nov 8th starting at noon. Smooth black ozite track with wide lanes. A warm-up race was run this past weekend with nothing but good reports about the track and how the cars hooked up. :thumbsup:

Just wondering when will the ORL Clash Race be held and what will be the format this year??? During the "off-season" for the ORL?
I went to there tune up race this past weekend and was impressed with the track condition and facility for that matter. The carpet had good bite and the bumps that were there last year have been repaired making for a smooth surface. I and a few others have vowed to stop Fie's dominance at the last race of the series. We are all licking are chops after a good day of practice and racing. I wont see Arnie as Arnie, I'll see him as Fie Club Sandwich with a pickle and chips. Or maybe a Fie Hoagie and diet coke. lol I hope you enjoyed great adventure last weekend but it wont compare to the screams you'll cry at Potbellies in two weeks. :jest:

Hey give me a call when you get a chance. I need your help for the race in two weeks,,,, just kidding I actually want to talk to you about laying down that white slipper stuff in the corners like they used a the birds. I dont know what it is or where to get it etc. Thanks and I dont got to bed till 11.
arnie may be having a SMACKERONI AND CHEESE DINNER BILL!!!! LOL if you keep it up! :thumbsup:
The 2003 ORL Season Finale is this Saturday at Pottbelly's Raceway in Pittsgrove, NJ. Series awards will be given out and the annual Great Race Prize Give-A-Way will be happen'n.
Hope you can make it.
BILLY cheese you can spend my point money I never get to see a prize for this series ..... Maybe you could DRAW for the prizes and send them to the guys who support this fine series ...NOT A BASH just an idea for guys who have to work the same weekend ever year......I would love a set of Stickers /////j/k

This is the best Oval and On road series int he nation ...And withthe BILL*) at the wheel it will only get better ,BUIT I Want a prize too...

SRM :hat:
SRM....I'll spend 10 of my points and get you some body clips or yellow paint, you choice.
Hope you guys had fun at POTVILLE this weekend and Arnie get back to racing the other class Its almost time for 6 cell SNOWBIRDS style .....SRM :dude:
is there a schedual for the next orl series yet?
No complete schedule yet, just the first race so far which is Saturday, February 28 at Thunder Road Raceway in Limerick, PA.
The 2004 ORL schedule is almost complete. Probably have it out sometime next week. :thumbsup:
1 - February 28 - Thunder Road Raceway
2 - March 21 - DC Ultra Track
3 - April 25 - RC Outfitters
4 - May 23 - Mushroom Bowl Speedway(outdoor)
5 - June 13 - On-Trax Superspeedway
6 - July 18 - Willow Mill Speedway
7 - August 15 - Trains & Lanes
8 - September 11 - Hobby Stop, Seaford
9 - October 10 - Marshall's Hilltop Hobbies(indoor)
10 - November 6 - Pottbelly's Raceway

Check the ORL web site for more info.
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A few updates for the 2004 ORL season

The ORL series now has an "official" scale. This will be the only scale used for weighing cars at all the ORL races. I'll have it at the SureShot 500 at Thunder Road on Saturday.

Speaking of weight. The ORL minimum weight has been increased. This is to stay consistent with the other racing organizations, including ROAR.
1/10 scale - 40oz. w/foams, 42oz. w/caps
1/12 scale - 31oz. w/foam, 33oz. w/caps

The new series motors will be available at the end of the month. Probably the first place you will be able to get them will be at Thunder Road on the 31st (the truck race).The Sportsman Stock motors are $25. They do not have brushes & springs. (most don't use the stock ones anyway) The Super Outlaw 19t motors are $45 or $30 for just the armature. If buying just the arm, you may use your own can. Must be stand up brushes and no quad magnets. The can & endbell must be from same manufacture. The motors will then be available from the ORL web site along with several of the participating tracks.

The Pro Stock class uses any ROAR approved stock motor. Note: the new quad magnet stock motors are NOT ROAR approved so they are not allowed to be used for ORL races.

2004 Schedules and class rules will be available at the SureShot 500 race at Thunder Road on Saturday and we'll be available to answer any questions you may have concerning the 2004 season.
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Bill why no mod not did the interest go away. :jest:
Y'up, no interest. We were lucky half the time to get 3 entries.
can anyone give me a set-up for the first race at limerick and a roll out for a monster stock thanks
2004 ORL series motor info has been posted.
Important Series Info Update
Bill YGM Thanks Jason H. :thumbsup: I need a 19 turn motor and arm.
Thanks Jason H. :jest:
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