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Again, the Highland IN toy show was fun but it's neat to be able to check out other's turf on the retail side. What they may have as "same ol', same ol' " may be treasure to others like me.

Some other cool finds.........

JL 1/24 scale Mustang model kits for 4.99 (mind boggling when the new licensed 1/64 cost this much)

Maisto and Motor Max 1/18th scale castings, 14.99 and the Studebaker Starliner was VERY cool.

Already mentioned MM castings, 2 for a buck.

MotorMax racing set where the turn off goes straight to a waiting gator! We thought we may try and incorparate this with AutoFest then wondered how we could keep Swifty away and keep his mind on ET racing.

Chris bought a Sizzlers track and already there was grumblings about running old JL Sizzlers against the new HW retro Sizzlers ( retro done well I might add) and thoughts on how to set a track up at 'Fest.

Lots of MM playsets, carriers, 1/43rd scale stuff. To be honest, I'm not sure the MM web page does these sets and items justice. The monster truck 4X4 50's cars were really pretty cool and without being able to open the package the castings felt like metal.
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