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Hey y'all.

I've not been too active on the JL Boards as of late (last two+ years?), on account of relocation and subsequent being-in-a-family-way. The Great White North doesn't have as wide a selection of JLs as used to be available to me in the States (not that I have the extra $ to spend anyhow). I reckon that only a few of the old-timers will remember me from back in the day.

Anyway, I've long wanted to post some photos of my mini-'Customs'; that is, cars that haven't been significantly modified but still look a lot better with small adjustments. I worked on a few of these a couple of years ago but never got around to taking some quality photos.

Organizing my stuff this past weekend, I came across a perfect few moments to take some snaps of one of these. It's a JL First Shots Heavenly Hearse, modified so that it sports the red surfboards from the second release of the standard issue of this FL series.

If anything, these photos demonstrate how good the chrome JLs can look.
Hope you enjoy 'em.


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