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Hi guys,
I'm trying to find info on a monster record.
I was going through my record collection a couple of hours ago and came across a rcord called "Monster Bash" by Doug Deep and the Skeletones. The copyright date is 1984 by Raven Records.
The songs listed are:
Monster Mash
The House of Frankenstein
Dinner With Drac
The Doctor
All Black And Hairy!
Draculas Daughter
Spooky Movies
Themes For A Nightmare: The Outer Limits/ The Addams Family/ Twilight Zone
The Blob
Marie Laveau
I'm The Wolfman
Haunted House
Jack The Ripper
'Til The Following Night
I'm In Love With A Vampire

I can't even remember buying this one!! It looks unplayed and I can't recall hearing or knowing any of the songs except Monster Mash (I have the album) and the Blob (only because I heard it through Denis' link on the monster song thread a few weeks ago). Does anyone know ANYTHING about it?????
I'll see if I can post pics of the cover and back later on....

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