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OT - kinda neat

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Thought I'd share this...a neat chain reaction type video

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Pretty cool but How did the wheels roll up hill ?
yea how did the wheels roll up hill? was it faked? haha!
i thought about the wheels, too...either cgi, or ??? havent looked into it yet, been painting a lot today
. . . maybe if the wheels were weighted off-balance somehow?
So that's what all those highly paid engineers at Honda do. :jest:

I noticed the left end of the plank the wheels were "rolling up" was out of the shot. Any thing could have happend to make the wheel roll "up".
Whoa! Except for uphill rolling wheels I could almost see it happening.
Hi All--Saw this video a few months ago with an article about it's creation. All the parts used are from a Honda Accord and if memory serves, it took them over 200 tries to get that one take. The wheels that roll uphill were weighted and balanced on the ramp at a neutral point of inertia, so that just a tap would would cause them to seemingly defy gravity. :wave:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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