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OT- Boston First To have the greatest Playoff comeback in history?

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NY wins were resounding, but Boston has hung on like a rabid pit bull. I would love to see them pull this off!
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Would have to give Boston a slight edge right now. Guess NY used up their bats in that game three rout and there's not much pitching left as well. Either way, it has made for some great games. :thumbsup: rr
Funny two Marylanders starting this thread off - I guess lost Orioles fans have to cling on to Boston's shining star! Anyway, where's the Massachusetts crowd - hey Warshaw, Iggy, you out there?
Heck, as a life-long, diehard Cub Fan, ( Oh! The pain!! ) I would love to see Boston pull it off!!

ChrisW said:
NY wins were resounding, but Boston has hung on like a rabid pit bull. I would love to see them pull this off!
Damn! Now you've jinxed it!!! :(
Heck, I'm finding it all exciting to follow and I'm a NASCAR guy, not ball-sport. Reminds me of a last-lap shootout at Talledega...

I'd watch snails race at Talledega! ("First one to roll to the bottom of turn 4 wins!")

So I guess tonight's TV menu is Lost (HDTV), West Wing (HDTV) and as much of The Game as I can keep my eyes open for?
I 'follow' baseball, but Football is my passion. None-the-less, I can't take my eyes off this series. At this time of year there's usually nothing else for Mets fans to do but root for the Yankees demise. Aside from that, I've always pulled for Boston and their long suffering fans. Not to mention I'm sick of hearing the 'Who's-yer-Daddy?' crap.
What was Pedro thinking when he made that comment??

Now this weekend is and entirly different story. I shall be rooting with total passion & Vigor for our home N.Y. Jets to snap that damn winning streak on the New England Patty-Cakes.
Jets 6 -0?? Please say its so!!

J!! E!! T!! S!!
Jets!! Jets!! Jets!!
You can count this West Coast guy as a true Red Sox diehard. The SF Giants have been my number one team since 1969, but the Sox have always been right there.

Man, I cannot believe this is happening, but don't wanna jinx it. I agree with a slight edge to the Sox. I think the Yankees are spent and their threadbare starting rotation will be exposed. The Sox may have gotten into their heads as well. Also, they haven't begun to see their bats come alive and now would be an awfully good time for Ramirez and Damon to turn it around.

Sidenote to Rebel Rocker.....you need to campaign long and hard to get Dusty out of the dugout. He will never, ever lead your beloved Cubs, or any other team, to a World Series victory. The successful Giants teams he had here won IN SPITE of Dusty's shortcomings. He will fight to the death to avoid any responsibility for his decisions. More significantly, he bases his game strategies on how they will affect the tender emotions of his players and not on what is best for the team or the situation.

Okay, I'm off the soapbox. Go Red Sox!!!!!!!
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Any truth to the rumer that Steve Bartman is Dusty's estranged illigitimate son??
Just had this discussion with a friend - the Cubs, God bless 'em, never quite muster up to serious contention - the BoSox, on the other hand, have had their strong seasons only to see it break down at the end.
Starting tonight? Francona said Wakefield, Wakefield said Lowe...
Kevin "I said breaking ball, not breaking hand" Brown should be up for NY.
Top of the sixth...Hold my breath, don't say a word...hold my breath, don't say a word...

On Damon's grand slam I jumped up, whacked my knee on the coffee table, put a dang nice cut in it...
I'm off to collect some well earned bet money from various Yankee fans.

I gotta admit, a couple of days ago I was ready to stop at the ATM and payoff those same bets.

What an incredible series.
I have to admit, I got a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when they relieved Lowe with Martinez. He held up to the abuse, tho. Incredible series, indeed!

Now we'll see tonight who they play...
Disclaimer: I am a Cub fan.

Prediction: Next year the beloved Cubs will defeat the defending World Series Champion Red Sox 4 games to 3, led by manager Steve Stone who will take over from Dusty Baker mid-season after dropping a four game series against the Cardinals and blaming the umpires, the announcers, and society in general for his team of misunderstood under-achievers.
red sox nation rules!!
go sox
we believe!!
my mailman owes me some cash too. i got stuck in traffic for two hours last night due to the partying, i didnt care it was worth it. why not us! its been too long coming and well deserved. shutting up 55000 yankees fans was worth it.i cant wait to bust em on my nephew(yankess fan, i apologize)
Norm -

You sure you're not an ex-Giant fan, too? You obviously know Dusty quite well. He could send Carol Channing out pinch hit and then blame the equipment manager when she struck out. I have never seen a guy so full of excuses in my life....wants to take no responsibility for anything.

I'll never forget the Series a few years ago when he should have put Shinjo in for defensive purposes in center and DH'd an aging Kenny Lofton. Dusty's reason for the non-move?

"Kenny doesn't like to DH."
we won game 1of the world series. curse this!!!!

that's game two too!!!6-2 . the curse is reversed!
Don't jinx it lisfan - remember the Yanks were up 3-0...:eek: !
All I can say is Curt Shilling never runs out of ways of amazing me!!
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