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OT: Another Day To Be Thankful For...

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Another year older and ...my Aurora Captain America is still not done!

[/On the Bright Side] Hey but at least the Eagles won yesterday against our Nemisis's ...The GIANTS! Yea!!!!

Just trying to tie this into a modeling thread somehow...and talk some football too!

Gonna try to have some fun today!

Thanks HobbyTalk for the e-mail reminding me what today was...I would have forgot!

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Last night I got to do some work on the PL Mummy while basking in the glow of a N.Y. Jet win over the Bungles.
But yes it was fun to watch Mcnabb and T.O. shed the Gints.

J!! E!! T!! S!!
Well since you brought it up... The Eagle win was fun to watch but how bout my Steelers!!!

Dominated "da Raaaaaaiiiiiiiidddddddaaaaaassssssss!

This might be a fun season and maybe we will finally see a Pennsylvania Super Bowl... Hey a guy can dream :)

Oh and PL Models are great... There now it is on topic

Happy B-Day, 3M! :hat: Your cappy Am has the right idea, just take it slow and enjoy!

I'm pulling for the Steelers to get their Superbowl Supremacy back. Dat's alls I knows 'bout football.
dreamer said:
Happy B-Day, 3M! :hat:
Thanks Dreamer! You seem to be the only one out of 70 views that picked up on that!

Ravens Fan here...ouch! Against the Browns...double ouch!!

Oh, and by the way, happy BD MMM!
ChrisW said:
Ravens Fan here...ouch! Against the Browns...double ouch!!
Ravens? Hmmmm they USED to be good! Hang in there Chris...you never know in the NFL!
Oh, and by the way, happy BD MMM!

Happy Birthday, 3M, and thanks for all the great tape you've produced for us over the years!! As a lifelong Chicago Bears and Cubs fan, all I can say is, "Here we go again!" Or, as Rob Schnieder's character in 'Waterboy' said, "Oh no, we suck again!!" Thank God for PL models!!

Hey...just think RR, when you are wrapping my BD present, you're sealing the gift with my tape!...maybe...I guess? Weird joke but what the hey!

Geez...I love Football season! I've got tickets to watch the Eagles woop some butt next Monday night with McNabb/Owens and Minnesota and Culpepper/Moss! What a shoot out that will be!

Bob - this is the TRUTH. I noticed after my first post your birthday comment. I tried to double-dip and wish you a happy, but you can't post again until after 60 Secs.
By that time I got distracted at work and there it went so Happy B-Day!!

BTW - Eagle vs Vikes looks like its going to be a HELL of a game!! These two may meet again in the Confrence Championship Game.
Thanks AT and JB. Just another year closer to retirement!

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