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I have 3 pokemon golds in pretty decent cosmetic condition and has a replaced save battery.

I also have 6 pokemon silvers in decent cosmetic condition and all have replaced save batteries.



I also have pokemon red, blue and yellow versions. Red and blue are in great cosmetic condition with brand new batteries. And the yellow has no sticker, and needs a save battery, it still plays great just doesn't save.

And I have a gold and silver version in great condition with new save batteries, they come with plastic gb cases, and a pokemon silver game manual, and the game guide for both gold and silver.

The red, blue, and yellow, are not listed but they are for sale, just pm me.

Same goes for the gold, silver, cases, manual, and guide.

I would like to sell the red, blue and yellow all together if possible. As well as the gold, silver combo.

So pm me with offers if you're interested. I can provide pics of everything, as well as pics with the game saves being shown on a gameboy.

Thanks for looking.

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Greeting everyone? How is your day going today. I am in such a good mood today, as I have reached the 80 levels in the guild wars 2. After spending so many hours to come over all kinds of challenges, I have really been a hero in the game with so many guild wars 2 gold. What about you?
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