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Only$10.00!! Aurora 1968 Original Spindrift! Cheap!!

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I can not believe!! Aurora 1968 Original Land of the Giants "Spindrift" are being Sold for ONLY $10.00 at Ebay below! That is C9.5 Condition!
That is rediculos to be sold for sucn a low price!!

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Click on her other auctions, She has tons of old Aurora Kits going at good prices. Too bad I am wayyyyyy broke till the first.
I put them in my watching list just to see what happens....could be a good fight to the end?
many sellers start out with a LOW bidding price on items that they KNOW will sell for much higher on E-bay, since they wanna see lots of bids..I went as HIGH as $45.00 for the spindrift, and STILL got outbidded, so somebody is gonna pay MUCH more than the $10.50 that the kit is goin for right now..Since I already have a Beautiful BUILT up with an Original issue BOX, and about 8 PL repops, 4 of which are in White plastic, as well as 2 PL built ups..I dont really need it..OK..my PLs & my Aurora Issue HOWEVER, is NOT NEARLY as FANTASTICALLY WELL done as Troy's Lunar models version..but I am happy with em...:thumbsup: ..NOW..if I could ONLY outbid EVERYONE on that Zorro..sigh..Provided I had MONEY..that would be a COUP!!!
Speaking of Troy's LM Spindrift...Fluke, did you document the build with photos? I seem to remember some progress shots being posted, but I'd like to ATTEMPT that kind of a build on Polar's version (yeah, I know it's only 1/4 the size of the LM, but even getting CLOSE to what you did would make me a happy camper!)

Also, anyone know where to get the cockpit & passenger cabin upgrade kits? (If not, I can scratchbuild 'em...just looking to save some time).

RefujinDaio said:
Sold for ONLY $10.00 at Ebay below! That is C9.5 Condition!
That is rediculos to be sold for sucn a low price!!
Why is the auction concept so hard for some people to grasp?

Nothing in that link is being sold for $10.00.

You linked to an AUCTION...not a sale. The BID was $10.00 with 24 hours left for more bids.
Have you'all seen the latest price?....its over 200.00 ....man! that was a bit differet from the last I saw it before hitting the hay at 12:00 last night.

That Flying sub looks cool as well.

Hiya Frets! :wave: I did have a few 'in progress' pics but I lost them in the great crash of '03' :(

All that I have is on my home page: http://troysmodels.homestead.com

I would have done the same thing if I scored a pre-PL Aurora Spndrift :freak:
The Spindrift closed for 250.00 and the Flying sub for 144.50.

The price for the Spindrift 'would' have been STEAL before the PL re-release! If I remember correctly the going price for a unbuilt and complete Aurora Spindrift would have been around 300.00 US?
I am glad for Polar Lights putting out the Spindrift. I never had nor seen one until I bought the PL one. The Flying sub, I have one I built many years ago, going to rework some day. Glad not to have to get second morgage to buy them.

Just to think before the PL re-release ....I had a few sweaty moments in front of the ol' PC trying to snipe a original Aurora SPINDRIFT and just could not go over 250.00!! :eek:

I am soooooo glad I did not!

Did you know the Spindrift, Seaview, Moonbus and Chitty bang car were among some of the first few kits that Tom and Dave wanted to release from the very begining? They still could not get easy accsess to the Moonbus or Chitty.
All in all I think they did and are doing?....a pretty good job!! :thumbsup:

I would love to see the Peanuts, Flinstones and Disney model kits re-released!

I think the surfing Snoopy was a Monogram kit?
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those were mpc i think....i could be wrong

one i'd love to see , but wont because of political incorrecteness is the "red barons ghost"
The Peanuts Kits were By Monogram/Mattel.
As a goof I bid on this one:http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=5928014941&ssPageName=STRK:MEWN:IT
And actually won! Hope I don't get ripped off.


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Which bid did you win....the snoopy or the Dick Tracy Aurora model kit?

I don't see the "red barons ghost" being a politicaly incorrect model kit.....not these days.
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