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Our 3rd Annual visit to the
CRUSIN for LIFE carshow, benefitting Cancer Survivors takes place this Saturday.

This r/c event has been a great way to showcase our Local R/C racing, while adding a little enjoyable entertainment to the crowds on hand at a great Car Show.

The Cruzin for Life event has a

  • Car Show
  • Cruise
  • BURN OUT Competition
  • Auction
  • Dinner/Dance
  • and on the small billing, our R/C Exhibition

Thanks to the Cruzin for Life group for continuing to have us!~!~


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Wow - what a day for R/C Racing on the Sunny Central California Coast!

Our local club racing has a pretty small crowd, but what a great group of guys who love racing each other.

You bring it - we'll run it at the local races (as long as it's NOT nitro - ...insurance won't let us run Nitro)

We had 8-9 Losi 1/18th Scale Mini Latemodels on our TINY 150 ft. asphalt ring of death. Along with 7 21.5/Lipos cars, 7 Vintage Trans/Am bodied Touring Cars - and a few more (I forget what they were)

The setting for todays event was at the local fairgrounds - and the event is the CRUZIN for LIFE CAR SHOW Benefitting Cancer Survivors.

We are just a small exhibition of rc racing for the event - and we set things up to be very fast paced, in effort to KEEP spectators watching as long as possible.

Today we ran very quick "SPRINT" heats - just 2 minutes - we start racing @ 11:00 and have to be finished by 2:00 (or close to it) cause that's when ALL the Car Show participants LEAVE the SHOW for a City sanctioned "OPEN HEADER" Cruise through downtown with the main drag blocked off to ALL other traffic for an hour and a half.

If you've never seen 350+ Show Cars, 1/2 of them with their EXAUST uncorked - and LOUD - Reving Up - Burning Out @ Stop Lights - it's quite a site!!

We had a couple hundred spectators watching our races - lots of them asking questions and talking to the hobby shop owner!!
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