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motopro said:
WELL THE WEST SIDERS CAME ,THEY SAW AND THEY KICKED SOME ASS....great job swint and champ and don .......brent and ogle...nice seeing you all there....
Thanks Tony,

It was a great day on the east side (and what a nice day to finish an outdoor season)!!! We all had a blast, besides our little trouble with our cars, that seem to ask for a break... But they won't get it, we love spending time at the track with you guys too much...lol

Great job on running the show there. Wish we had a 3rd qualifier, but at least we didn't come home late... Nice track and great job running it guys.


Hope some of us are going to race electric with you guys at Washtenaw this winter. I am planning on it, and I will have to see who else is coming with me from the West Side... We also always have a blast there...

Tony, let us know when you are heading to Nitro track this winter. I don't think I can wait until spring to run my 8th scale again...

41 - 42 of 42 Posts