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1966-67 TOPPS
20-Gilbert, 29-Ratelle, 56-Stanfield, 63-Esposito. The first three are good “fillers”, and the Espo is unfortunately creased, but would make a decent filler.

1971-72 OPC
Approx 200 common extremely nice fillers
Notables 156,161,175,184,186,206,245 Hart (Orr) slight crease soft corners, 246 Calder (Perrault) slight soft corners, 247 Ross (Esposito) 248 Vezina, 250,251 AS1 (Orr) slight crease, soft corneres,254 AS1 (Hodge) 262 AS2 (Hull) 263
Hockey Book Checklists, real nice shape,#4, #6 x 2, #8, #14, #21
Hockey Book Checklists, marked #’s 2,8,10,23,24(autographed Kurtenbach, checked)

1972-73 OPC
#220 Schonfeld RC
Very nice fillers 1,27,56,64,66,74,86,87,129,183,242

1973-74 OPC
Approx 75 commons

1974-75 OPC
Approx 40 commons

1975-76 OPC
Approx 25 common

1977-78 OPC
Approx 300 commons in VERY nice condition

1980-81 OPC
Approx 300 commons, 3 x # 287 checklists, unmarked in very nice shape

1981-82 OPC
Approx 50 commons in quite nice condition

1983-84 OPC
#’s 65,206,376,385

I also have a ton of early 90's RC's, and insert cards mostly upper deck etc
All Hockey, so this will likely appeal more to one of my Canadian trading bretheren!

I collect mostly GM Muscle cars along with 55/56/57 chevy diecast. I am very motivated, and would trade heavy for what i am looking for, Drop me a PM. I will be away from computer most of next week (Sep 10-14) but would love to hear from you.
As far as whatw i collect,
Original Muscle Machines, 57 & 58 Chevy, 59 El Camino, 55 Chev P/U, 69 GTO, 69 Camaro,70 Olds...and similar castings in M2 and HW's....

Lets make a deal, since the NHL and the Players cant seem to get their crap together!

Cam :wave:
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