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Hello again-

I figured this might generate more attention (See below, but please read this, as well)

I’d made a mistake posting the Cockney Cab had plastic chassis’. I now know they are die-cast, but I need to know what I’m up against trying to get five of these cars.

Can some of you guys that viewed my earlier thread throw me a bone here?

I was under the impression that most HW collectors didn’t care for the plastic bods’—am I wrong about this?
Are these in high demand?
Are these cars rare?
Are they too old to be readily available?
Is it because I’m not a member of the Hot Wheels gang here?

And lastly—Have I rubbed some of you the wrong way by not posting this in the DC S&S forum? (This will be my next step-)

As stated in my first post--these are not for me to keep. I plan on some extensive mods’ first, then give them away for a deserving group of HT members. Again- condition of card or opened is not an issue.

I will gladly pay double the store price, plus the required shipping fees.
I can also post the pic here of one of the finished cars—if anyone has a care-
(You can also view my photo album, to see what I do-)

Would someone please step-up--and if not having the cars, could they address the questions I’ve asked?

Come on mates—help an old HT member put a smile on some of our other members’ mits!
(I will post “thank you-s” towards this board and call out the members who helped me out, to give due recognition here, and on the slot board.)

Finally (as stated in the thread header), and to show you guys I’m not a total “defector”- here are a couple of original Red-Lines I have- (along with a few more and 10+ stuffed factory cases of later stuff, and thousands more DC’s).

If nothing else-would some one please direct me to a seller that may have five of these Cockney Cabs?

Thanks once more for you consideration.

P.S. I hoping none of the slot board guys see this thread!!

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Not an avid HW collector. Is this Cockney Cab something that would be a somewhat current product that could still be found in stores? I looked in a couple of stores I went to yesterday and did not see it.

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Hello dragonfly27-

Thank you for the offer!
I guess I made another mistake by not calling them the Cockney Cab "2"!

They would be fine, if the body is plastic-
The one I have is chrome and is from the series called "Chrome Burnez"

I didn't even know those ones' existed!

Can you round up 5? (or anyone else?)

If so, post me a note and we'll get together from there-

Thank you so much!

Thnak you very much for looking for me. I didn't know about the new release either, but my chrome one says 2006 on the back of the pack-


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Hello Pablo-

I’ve read many of your posts from sometime back-
I know you know your stuff, so maybe you can tell me what’s up with this one casting…

Am I barking up the wrong tree here, or asking the impossible? :confused:
Somebody can enlighten me?
You guys want more old HW pics to get a jump start? :devil:

I’ve posted on the S&S board to see if that helps-

To sweeten the pot, I will add something older from my collection…

The one who finds these cabs will have a choice—just let me know what you would like and I will pull out a few cases, to see if I can accommodate- ;)

Regular posters--Don’t concern yourselves…I’m not a “bump” freak and will make this my last request on this thread. :)

Thank you for you indulgence…


Ps: Thank you for the PM dragonfly27--YHM!

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I know there were plenty of the chrome ones availible around here for a while, but I thin kthey're mostly gone now. And I like plastic bodies with metal bases, dunno about anyone else though. I have the Ferrari 308 from the Quick Silver series, that's what it is, and it was my fastsest car till it wiped out one day and bent and axle ever so slightly =(

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Ahhhh…so there is some who made it out alive through last nights festivities!:drunk:

I’m glad to know someone does collect the plastic bod’ HW’s. I was under the impression the majority didn’t have much care for them-

They are great custom fodder—especially for slot car conversions (if you can correct the wheel-base issues).

gunn said:
new ones are out at walmart
You savage custom fabricator, you!
Great to hear from you!!:roll:

You may not remember me, but I sure know your work!
Everything from dioramas to Road Warrior cars! Brilliant stuff!

It great to hear from someone I know (kind of…) :)

There’s not a one in the Wallys I’ve checked-
How’s about you round up a few in your next travels?
If anyone knows what making customs for members does—you would be the one! ;)

So what say ye?

Let’s get this ball rollin’!!

vw-wl-collector said:
i look today for you i dont think 5 of these will be hard to get there not really liked here they hang forever ill check wallmart

That would be so good of you to re-check for me!

With you lot, I’m sure to find pay-dirt!!

A very Happy New Years to all! :hat:

(Ps—yeah I lied…I posted on here again...:freak:


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A mem’ of the board here--(dragonfly27) stepped up and took (VERY!!) good care :eek: of my wishes!

You just cannot compare the members here to any other board on the net-
Without question- the best Gents are RIGHT HERE!! :)

Thank you all for your viewing, responses, and consideration- :wave:


PS: Thank you so much once more, Df-
You will make SEVERAL HT members very happy with your efforts!! :hat:
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