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OLC Project

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I recently restarted a project that I've been wanting to do for about 25 years. The project is the Old Light Cruiser from the Task Force Games, "Starfleet Battles". The ship wasn't a great ship but I really liked the design and it reminds me of the many hours spent with good friends playing the game.


I started with about four sets of different plans and combined these to come up with a final game plan that captured the spirit of this cool little ship.
I then decided to start with balsa wood as the material to shape the hulls from.







I then started on the most striking feature of this gutsy little cruiser, the gunfighter like torpedo launchers.



I have gotten a lot more done but I need to get the camera out and get some more pictures. Let me know what you think so far.
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Starfleet Battles?!? There's a blast from the past! :D

Look forward to more!
So far, so good, Chris! Thanks for sharin' and I look forward to seeing this project progress.
OMG!!! One JohnP hasn't done...LOL...Great start
Building it from the ground up? I'm impressed!


You seem to have a very good eye for shaping it correctly. That's an inborn ability that not everyone has. Standing by for more, sir!
Thanks guys. I'm cladding the secondary hull with sheet styrene and I have fashioned and installed the grills on the sides of the hull. I hope to have more pictures tonight.
First off, it is so nice to see your work again!

It is an impressive build, and it is so good to see a new ship model. Plus, it is TOS, so I already like it!
Building it from the ground up? I'm impressed!
Oh no, not another starship being built on the ground. Starships should be built in orbit :p

Looking good so far.
Thank you! As far as kitting this, I don't know. This is a pattern for casting as I want to build three versions of the OLC. So yes I guess there will be atleast three "kits" of the hull if nothing else.
Sorry about the lack of updates but me and my wife went out of town for the weekend. I'll try to get back in the swing of things this week. I'm hoping my 3m acrylic blue putty, I'm waiting on, comes in Tuesday. I wasn't totally out of the model zone this weekend because I bought some supplies for my next project.
I went to the hobby shop and picked up styrene for details and making the warp nacelles. I hope to start on the bridge and nacelles today. If nothing else I'll try to get some picture posted today to show where I'm at.
More pics of my painfully slow progress. LOL

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Thanks Lloyd! I wish I had more time to work on it but it's been a fun project.
I'm working on the details of the inboard troughs of the warp nacelles. I'm happier today with the way they are turning out. I hope to have some more pictures soon.
Well I'm not going to have anymore pictures tonight but I did make a break through. As a SFB minature this ship lacks all but the most basic details. I had to figure out the details that go in the inboard troughs on the warp nacelles. I spent the evening mocking up little bits of styrene to detail out these areas. After several false starts, I'm very happy with what I came up with and I hope to do the actual detail parts tomorrow. Time to hit the hay. ;)
Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted any updates recently. I got a little side tracked but I'm still moving forward ever so slowly.
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