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I stopped by WalMart on the way home from work to pick up some things for the wife when I decided to go ahead and check the JL's. I saw they finally put some new stuff out and was looking through it. I picked up a Camaro from the Pony Power series that was still there because the packaging was all beat. Since I open all mine, I didn't care. I also saw two older cards in the back. One poker car and one R4 Working CLass truck 64 Chevy. I am now happy since that is one I was looking for. The packaging was also beat on it. I took it to the scanner and it came up $1. I couldn't believe it. So I took my camaro and $1 truck and groceries and checked out. I was doing my happy dance in the truck on the way home, since I can mark one off my trade list for $1. :D

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