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Been thinking about all ya'll in the northern half of the country with the hot weather and prolonged power outages so far this summer. Take it from me and Tex: BE CAREFUL GUYS! That stuff will sneak up on you even if you are used to it! And if you're not used to it it can kill you before you know it. Stay cool...

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Yes folks. Please be careful.
Drink before you need it, and drink often, even when you don't feel like it.

Here's a typical 100+ day for me, if I have to be out in it.
First of all, If work allows, I start at 6am and try to end my day around 2pm.
This doesn't always work out, and you may not have this option, so we'll say 8am to 5pm.

I start the day with strong sweet tea. I know, tea is a diuretic, but it's a southern thing I guess.
There's just nothing like some ice cold, homemade sweet tea to cool you off and pep you up.
Anyways, I'm usually out of that by 9. I keep a cooler with me. You start with temps around 85,
so by ten o'clock, it's already climbing into the 90s. Time for a Gatorade or a Powerade.
These are great to keep you hydrated throughout the day, but I wouldn't drink them all day.
I just get tired of them. I'll keep water going til lunch. Sweet tea with my lunch, depending on the location.
Water after lunch til about 2pm. This is where the heat really starts to kick, time for another
Gatorade/ Powerade. A few more waters til about 4pm when I'm trying to end the day.
Another Powerade around 4:30 or 5 for the drive home. Sweet tea the rest of the night.

This is typical of me working in and out of warehouses, and outside periodically.
If in direct sunlight all day, it's a totally different story. More drinks please, and another bottle for my head.

I get sick of drinking. But in this heat, you can drink all day and never go to the bathroom.
One thing important to note: If you're urine is dark you are not drinking enough!
Even if you are inside most of the day, it is important to stay hydrated.
Dehydration is one step away from heat stroke. If you stop sweating you are already in trouble.

Please be careful out there. Drink one more glass of water, just because.
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