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Guess I am not into Porsche, BMW, Lexus, or Mercedes rides. Kinda like the old school Ford and Chevy stuff. Or should I say 2005 Mustang, Chrysler 300C, etc. type rides.


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definately not a single one for me on that list.
However this is my top 10 list that I`d own of new cars IN ORDER..........
1. S550 AMG sedan
2. dodge charger srt-8
3. jeep grand cherokee srt-8
4.chrysler 300c srt-8
5.new viper srt-10 coupe
6.2006 CLS500 SEDAN
7.2006 m6 coupe
8.dodge ram mega cab slt 4wd 6 speed diesel
9.BMW Z8
10.Ariel Atom 2 with me putting a SRT-4 motor in place of the toyota one

old cars...........
1.any cuda convertible
2.70-71 cuda hardtop
3.69 dodge daytona
4.70 superbird
5.70-71 challenger hardtop
6.any other E-body not mentioned
7.69 black hemi charger
8.92-93 black dodge daytona iroc r/t
9.1986 Shelby GLHS 4-door
10. 87 buick GN or GNX turbo


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I don't agree, but I like the first three.

Gee, that rhymes......I may take up poetry :p
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