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Howdy y'all!

I just popped in to say "wassup?"

Been takin a computer break,while starting a new direction.

...Got hired about a month ago,from the Florida DOT.

The job entails driving dump trucks,attenuator trucks,hot mix asphalt trucks etc,on a highway maintenance patch crew.

It's hard work,shoveling tons of hot asphalt every day and manually packing the patches down.
(evidently,it seems the state of Florida believes, if a machine can do the job,then it's perfectly fine for manual labor)

However and fortunately,the weather's been cool.
When the blazing summertime hits,..then shoveling 2-300 degree asphalt should get interesting.

The work hours are many and sometimes, the (overtime) 15 to 23 hour days can chew a whole right through ya.

(also,my typical commute,just over to the next county took over 2- hours to get home on Thursday)

I took a break from here because I felt my inane and too-often narcissistic posts were
infesting the board,(much like crap, in an unmaintained and neglected dog kennel.)

I'll be back from time to time.
It seems that it's hard to stay away from here for too long.

I miss the good folks here.

and for the guys I've promised to hook up goodies for; Don't think for a minute, I've forgotton what,who,why and where.

(I'm spending part of today, wrapping up those boxes,hoping for an opportune moment to hit the p.o.)

the (once daily)diecast searches have almost completely stopped,I seldom peek into that aisle,while getting groceries for my lunches but when I do,the JL selection has been bleak,...at best.

I want to share a sad picture with y'all, when I can get a chance.

While patching a pot hole one day,I noticed something gold,out of the corner of my eye.

In front of a shabby old pizza place, was Grandpa Munsters Dragula.

The bubble canopy was chopped down into a roadster type windscreen,the tires were all flat ,the lantern headlamps were broken and rusty and a disgusting old sleeping bag was half-hazzardly thrown over the opening of the cockpit in an attempt to protect it from the elements.

Other than that ,the aircleaners,radiator,exhaust pipes and coffin were unmistakable.

...I hope to someday soon,pop into the pizza place and ask the owner,"WTF!!"

(HMMMM, Maybe I can buy it and restore it, before it's too late)

Y'all have fun,I'll pop in when I can!

WOOF and out!

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Listen, my friend, you never once "polluted" (or what ever word you choose to use) a single page on Hobby Talk. Many - I repeat - MANY people looked forward to hearing from you on a regular basis, and you never failed them.

Good luck in your endeavors, and your "hunting", and don't pull this disappearing stuff again or I'll personally come down to Florida and mistreat you with your own pothole-filling shovel!!! :lol:

You were missed, RobDog :thumbsup:

Now, lets get some of these other "Missing In Action" folks back here as well ;)

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*crouches down on all fours under a full moon*

Glad you're back Sir Dog! As you can see, you have been missed. Just remember, a dog is naturally a pack animal, not a loner. So, welcome back to the pound, Dog! :wave: :wave: :wave:

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RobDog and Pony posting here on the same day.

Rob, as you should know by now, must of us look forward to reading your posts because they are ALWAYS INTERESTING.
And many of us certainly missed you.

And now as far as Pony goes, she was missed too.
And a great big welcome, Connie.
I for one certainly missed you.
If nothing else, do stop in and post occasionally to let some of us whu really care, know how you are doing.

Indeed, it has been a wonderful day.

Cheers. Cobra
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