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O/T weekend finds

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this is the finds I made at the COOKVILLE model car show this weekend . I sat up as a vendor and while my wife watched the tables, I went bounty hunting :cool:
you guys have to attend some of these modelcar shows as often as you can , there's always some really hard to find diecast there amoung the plastic
I have been looking for some (ERTL american muscle ) diecast I didnt have and found axactly what I needed at the show :thumbsup:
GOD bless
wayne james
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Im also looking for a 59 impala , red with a white top . if anyone has one to sell or trade please feel free to email me [email protected]
thanks and may GOD bless
wayne james :)
It's always nice to find exactly what you're looking for. Never bought an American Muscle in 1/64 scale, but they look very nice. Thanks for sharing.
Those Revell Collectible Chevys are really sharp, too. I have about ten or so. I was very disappointed that they didn't continue with that series. I only see them around as customized low riders now. Anyway, congratulations on your finds!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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