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O/T-spoof ebay e-mail,beware

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Hello all. I just received a fake or "spoof" e-mail today from somebody posing as an eBay website. The mail and site I was sent to when I clicked the link appeared very genuine. I became suspicious when I was asked for personal info. and upon close inspection I realized that it was probably fake.
I forwarded the e-mail to ebay and got a responce back shortly from them that it was NOT an e-mail sent by them(ebay).
The first clue was the use of ebay inc. in the mail title. Ebay doesn't usually use "inc." in this manner. Second, there was no address in the recipient's e-mail slot where my address always appears when sent from ebay. The term undisclosed recipient was there instead.
Ebay told me that they never ask for log in or personal account info. via e-mail(user name, password, credit card info.etc.). I just thought I'd warn everybody of this and if you get any mail requesting personal info, DO NOT respond to it and forward the entire message to ebay. They have a specific place to send suspected fraudulant e-mail to. They will tell you if they sent the message.
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