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NOPE, it's just the power of thought.
It's the same kind of power that makes everyone in the store come over
and look in the same section you are shopping in.
It seems to happen in different ways. Examples....

You have a garage sale..... no one will stop.
One car stops, every car after that will stop to see what deal they might be missing out on.

You grab a lunch at the local fast food.
You sit in a area where no one else is sitting, but you won't be alone for long.

You watch that item on the bay. Unsure whether or not you want it,
you watch it end with no bids. Relisted, you decide you want it after all,
but you have to compete with 2 other bidders to get it.

All this stuff is common to me, but I have never seen so much power as when I am driving.

Pulling up to a light, I see 5 cars stacked up in the center lane, with both side lanes clear.
I make the mistake of changing lanes too early. This sets off some subliminal alarm in one of the 5 cars. The driver (probably on the phone) on reflex, pulls into the lane I am pulling into.

This also happens at highway speeds.
Like changing lanes to get around a line of cars going 60 in a 65.
Why do they always wait to change lanes when I do? Are they scared to think?
Or is this the same "Oh, I CAN go around" reflex that gets triggered in their brain when I make a decision?

Some powerful stuff.
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