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Some people SUCK...

One time Ginger stopped at Target to run in and get something. I sat in the car and had a smoke while she was gone.

OMG that was the scariest time of my life. This car over filled with 6 teenage girls pulled up across from our car and watching them all get out was crazy. I saw door dings beeing made from both sides. I waited and sure as heck one couple came back out of the store and didn't notice anything wrong with thier door...it had to have had a pretty nasty NEW dent. Well I didn't like the looks of them ( Eeeeeew) and didn't bother to tell them what had happened. Plus their car was a POS so, it realy didn't matter anyways. :rolleyes:

Bob...yeah sometimes people just SUCK...zilla
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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