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Yes indeed, human nature at its finest. I think there's more to it than herd mentality with the parking lot situation. By you parking in the outlying parts of an otherwise crowded parking lot you are broadcasting the fact that you don't want to have your doors beaten in by some inconsiderate person whose exit strategy from their car involves testing the full extent of the limits on their door swing. This is a trait oft seen in 1) totally oblivious old people (TOOP), 2) people who really, really need every inch of clearance to extract their full figured girth from their tortured motor vehicle - the open the barn door and let the cows out exit strategy, and 3) the uncontrolled pack of suburban offspring that have been bouncing around in the back of the family wagon all jacked up on high fructose behavior altering substances, they just want out, now! - the release the hounds strategy. Good news is that almost all of these groups share one other thing in common, they want a close-up, near the door, willing to wait 10 minutes for a close parking spot mentality.

So... while you may be put off by the suddenly popularity of your remote parking spot, in most cases the people who are suddenly sharing your "personal space" are probably like minded. You need to recognize that walking an extra 20 or 30 yards in this day and age is paramount to a grand accomplishment (can we call them heros? Maybe!), so there is a level of commitment that these like minded individuals are sharing with you.

On the other hand, people who take up more than one parking space in a crowded parking lot, nowhere near the unpopulated periphery of the lot, deserve to have their car crushed and reshaped into a little cube that will fit cleanly inside a single spot. That's the other common human trait, spite.
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