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On Sunday as I was leaving the Bar with my Girlfriend, we found out that a Really Swell guy by the Name of Gary was going to have a Birthday.
Gary is one of those guys who will work on your car and expect nothing in return. He is an all around nice guy that will help a friend at the drop of a hat with anything he can do. You need a vehicle, you got.
Well Gary is now 54 and I just had to do something to celebrate.
So besides the food for the bar and the cake with candles that played Happy Birthday, The Blues Band That was playing that night along with our own Blues Man Sang Happy Birthday to Gary.
He also received 2 New cars.
A mint Gold Series '63 Corvette in Black and a Beautiful '69 GTO with a Flame Job.
It was a most memerable night for Gary
I just wanted to share. Its nice when the 1:1 car guys like the 1:64 cars also.
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