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O/T: New Schwinn Sing Ray OCC

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I meant Sting Ray......wish you could edit the title like at LL.

Anyone see one of these? Couple of kids in our area have one. Saw one up close at Wally World yesterday. These things are going to be the bike to have for boys this Christmas. The HUGE back tire and slighly larger front tire and the chopper look are just plain sweet. Makes ya wanna be a kid again. Even saw one of the kids in out area had changed the handle bars to the higher chopper look. All tomorrows 1:1 Harley/Custom Chopper owners?
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I love the OCC Stingrays.....I own a black one.....and my neighbor has like4 or 5 of them. :thumbsup:


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You found one aT Wally's and didn't buy it? You can't get them here! Gotta go to E-pay and pay $$. They are sold out everywhere around here with back orders on back orders. Been such a hit a 26 inch frame for big kids is in the works. I'm all over THAT!
Hey TX, what kind of guitars do you have sitting in the background?(Looks like a Jimi Hendrix look-alike strat and an ESP or Ibanez) I'm just curious b/c I'm gonna be buying a strat in a few days when it ships in.(My first guitar ;) ) Anyway, just curious...
You cant get one here. Even had a story about them in the locale paper. Sold out the day of delivery.
we've had a few sold here but they went fast. luckily i got one.
I could get one or more if I really wanted to. I know where there are 5 right now. It would be frowned upon if I snapped them all up. Maybe after my new job kicks in I could abuse my old job some ;) !!

Seriously, you can get them from my store, but you pretty much have to order it by filling out a rain check. I could buy one. My boss let one of the other guys take one from the last shipment.
I saw one

At Target on Friday there was one up by the register with a hold sticker on it and I couldn't find a price sticker anywhere. I sat on it but at 6'4" it was a little small for me, sure would be nice if they did a 26" one. I like that back wheel and tire, at least until it wears out and then where do you buy a new one, Schwinn dealers only? Does anyone know if these are limited or are they gonna be like the OCC die cast bikes and be everywhere?

Clark :D
These are very cool. If I was 10 years old i would be all over one of these like nobody's business.
Plenty coming soon to a TOYSRUS near you THey have 'em ready for an ad soon. Reg price is $179.99........come in black,red,and blue. Haven't been able to get one yet. They are impressive!!!!!
kanabrew said:
Plenty coming soon to a TOYSRUS near you THey have 'em ready for an ad soon. Reg price is $179.99........come in black,red,and blue. Haven't been able to get one yet. They are impressive!!!!!

Walmart also had an exclusive Chrome with red fender model also.......as well as Dick's Sporting goods store chain had a green model also.....green is the rarest color.

There is indeed a 26 inch model in the works....and a 16inch model which is already in TRU's computer system.

Porsche, the white guitar in my pic is a Squire Strat ......not a favorite of mine....but it was my wife's cousin's guitar....and he passed on last year......so it was given to me......it's really beat.

The other guitar is a beautiful green quilted maple top Jackson...factory loaded with Seymour Duncan pickups.

I have two other awesome guitars......one being an 80's Epiphone flying V loaded with a factory Floyd Rose floating tremelo....and an added active EMG pickup.......but these other two guitars are in pawn right now :drunk:
O/T: Music

Guitars eh?

I was a drummer for a while. I tried my hand at guitar. I was learning some stuff too. I knew most cords, and could play a little of the Beatles' Blackbird. I ended up needing some money and letting my instruments go.

I kept my records & slotcars instead.

I keep thinkin' about getting another guitar.
Finally saw one of these today at Walmart, they are pretty sweet and look like they are made to last. Will be interesting to see a 26" model, and us old farts riding them....

My name is Gerald and I play the drums
TRU nearest me has two.....$179.99 each. Haven't seen them at Walmart yet.

Cool lookin' bike! :thumbsup:
I talked to a guy over the weekend at a car show and he told me he owns 4 of them right now. He puts "ape hanger" bars on them instead of the bars that come with them.
Yeah, these are way cool. I was at the nearby Scnwinn dealer. They had a gold Stingray. Big rear slick, metallic paint, banana seat, modified ape hangers,etc.
The only thing it didn't have was the tall sissy bar.

I didn't look at the price. The lady working there told me that they were coming out with
a new version of the Stingray Oorange Crate. I had one of those. It was dark metallic orange with a gold metallic banana seat. It was a hard-to-pedal little bike, but it was
an eye catcher.

Kids will definnitely love them.
Sting Ray

I've seen them at my local WM a couple different times. Rode one down the aisle once also :lol: They are great!

I've also seen the smaller version with training wheels (20"?) If my daughter was a older I would have bought it for her.

One day I tried talking a young boy and his dad into buying one . The dad was buying his son any bike there. The kid looked at it but, just wasn't interested. He liked the more BMX stile bikes better.

If I see the small one again I think I'm going to get it for my daughter anyway. She'll grow into it!
Well the bike wars are on again and thats great because it will keep prices in check. Have you all noticed that Huffy has come up with a clone bike backed by Jesse James. Schwinn has OCC. The Huffy bike has a fat rear tire AND front tire. Very beefy in looks and it also has a faux gas tank. About five bucks cheaper.

Road Master is making an Orange Crate style clone as well now complete with front springer. Too bad they are all 20 inch bikes. Schwinn is supposed to be doing a 26 inch bike so hopefully Huffy will follow otherwise I'm going to have to get one major seat bar extension and that would tear up the look and stance of the bikes.
Saw the Huffy sitting next to the Schwinn, The Schwinn is heavier duty. On a related topic, walked by the local Schwinn dealer today, in the window is one Grey Ghost, brand new, unriden with the tags on it, wonder what that's worth. Also a Unriden Schwinn Sting Ray. Both original bikes.
went today and got me one, found a green bike, still in the box, had to sign a release to say the store was'nt responsible if something was to come apart or go wrong. so, i put it on the shelf. now, i have to wait for the 26 inch bikes to arrive.
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