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O/T I don't believe it!!!

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Well, had a bid in on another Frantic Ferrari that ended today.... had a number in and wasn't going to worry about it. Just happened to check out my stuff and saw I was outbid. Figured what the heck,its a Ferrari and went and put another bid in on it, never looked at time remaining. OK, here's the unbelievable part:

I sniped it with 1 second to go and beat his high bid by one penny!!!!!

If I would have delayed just one more second, I never would have gotten it....... its just so cool because I wasn't even trying..... sorry Gabe, but I gotta have those Ferraris

1 Second Snipe
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Nicely done! You have mastered the "snipe"...

Nice car, too! :thumbsup:
Yeah but Klavy 69 wants to know why you never foned (sic) him? Seems he won a bid and you forget to remind him. What kind of e-bayer are you anyway?
OK, yea, my only negative....... I should chase him down?? I don't think so! 6 emails, ebay payment reminder, non paying bidder notice - he doesn't get any of those, but he was instantly emailing me when I put that negative on him.... 'nuff said

Besides, I don't know that I have ever seen a "fone"
Yeah I know. I thought it was funny. Lucky for you, you already had a proven track record. My first bite came on buy #3. The guy lost my box in his pick-up truck for a month. A month! He was paid within three days so I threaten collection on him. Gives me a negative. That was the end of my e-bay days. Been doing TTP ever since.
Nice Job on winning that car! (mark, 1 neg wont kill your record, and you can protest it.)
and it appears you been outbid on another item :lol:
Now now Bob, don't pressure the man
Snipe, snipe, snipe.....here snipe. Congrats dude.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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