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Hi All,

Well I am back at home at last :O) I will keep this short for now.

I am doing well. My leg is about 95% healed from the "flesh eating virus". It is
not a pretty sight though. They removed about 60% of my flesh from the right knee
down. They did do skin grafts, but it still looks like a Shark used my leg as bait :O)
The important thing is I still have my leg ! ! !

I do have a secondary wound, bed sore, that I am having to deal with. It's basically
a BIG pain in my ass :O) They say it may take three more months to heal. NOT FUN !

I still find myself spending a lot of time in bed. My stamina is by no means at full
strength. So my time on the computer is still going to be limited. But it's definitely
nice to be home and back on the group ! ! !

I can't begin to THANK all of you for your well wishes, prayers, thoughts, phone
calls, and care packages. They were a BIG part of why I am still here. At the
beginning of my hospital stay, I was given a 30% chance of living. I beat the odds
by the grace of God and I am very thankful. This has definintely been a life
changing experience for me. I have a second chance now and I intend to make the
most of it. I'm glad to say I have friends like all of you to spend it with ! ! ! So
again, THANK YOU ALL for being there for me and my family.

Well I have to go rest for a bit. I will try my best to keep up with messages as
best I can. If anyone wants to give a call and chat, please feel free to do so.

Take care all and have a GREAT weekend ! ! ! I will talk to you all again soon.

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Welcome home, Scott. #0% chance of living...whoa! But then it goes to show the power of prayer and positive thinking. We believe doctors to be smart people...and some are...but many are very matter of fact and statistic minded. From my own experience, I find it best not to put my full faith in what they say when the news is unpleasant. There are many other factors the medical profession doesn't always take into account. But by no means do I want to belittle the fine doctors out there who have helped to save many lives. I'm just glad you overcame. Take care and keep us posted.

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It's a proven fact. You heal faster at home. Best of luck and prayers for a speedier recovery.:thumbsup:

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Wow!!! Three members back on the same day!!!!! (Scott, RobDog, Pony)

Scott, I couldn't believe it when I read "Thirty percent chance of living". My God, I knew it was bad, but not that bad. Thank God you were up for literally the fight of your life, and glad that you feel the prayers of the folks here helped.

Numerous folks sent countless cars to cheer up your recovery, and now that you're home, maybe the power of the diecast will help smooth the road ahead a little bit. Glad to hear this news from you, and thanks for posting the number ;)
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