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I now think it is the fan as the humming sound kicks on after the heater starts....as soon as I manually turn the fan on at this point, the humming stops and the fan works fine. Can I keep the fan running all the time until I get it repaired?

Hi All,

Not a HVAC tech so I thought one of my friends could give me some safety advice.

About an hour ago, our Trane heater made a strange humming noise once it started. I think it may be the blower/capacitor? I have read some similar issues on other forums but nothing exactly like the problem I am having. I first thought it was the fan which is set to auto, but I went to start the fan manually with no problem. I am worried with 15 degree weather tonight turning off the heat. But I am more worried that something may burn up and cause a fire. Any recommendations...can I go to sleep and worry about it in the morning???


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