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Got a call from my buddy Mike earlier this evening giving me an update on his race team results. He and some of his friends got together a while ago and decided to go racing. Mike is no stranger to stock car racing as he used to work for Geoff Bodine building motors when Bodine had the Exide and then QVC sponsorships.
Now, first of all, their "budget" is the size of a shoestring, a very short one at that. The trailer they use to haul their car doesn't belong to them. They don't get paid (unless they win, and that money goes for equipment).
Mike's "update" was that their team "Off Duty" and driver, Bobby Wallace, took first place at Hickory this past weekend! :thumbsup: First prize??? $500!!!
Check out this website: redneckracers.com
Gotta love local racing cuz let's face it, Cup has become a circus. :( (OK, I still watch it ;) )
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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