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O/T Going to see the Coop!

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Sorry for the off topic post. I'm going to see Alice Cooper tonight and I'm just soooo stoked! Haven't seen him since the "Trash" tour. Got all my Garb ready and a black sharpie to do the eyes! WOOHOOOOOOOO!
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No More Mr. Nice Guy. Does he still chop his head off?
I'll wager that I'm the only one here to own the Japan-only CD versions of Flush the Fashion, Special Forces, Zipper Catches Skin and Dada...

Did you know that Alice Cooper is a Born-Again Christian now?
Wyatt - Yes I did know that but he still puts on one hell of a show!

Jeff - 3 outta 4 :)

Dave - he did last time I saw him, I'll let ya know after tonight

Chadms - :devil:

Man I can't wait! we're headed out in about an hour! Innsbrook is gonna be a weird place to see Alice. They have a noise ordinence and all concerts have to be over by 10pm . So concerts start at 6pm. Being summer it gets dark around 9. Daytime Alice....outta be interesting.
hoosier-lightning said:
Are ya gonna throw anything on stage?
he said Alice Cooper, not Tom Jones...... :tongue:
Just got back and all I can say is that 56 year old man puts the young rockers to shame!!! AWESOME! I was front row, got about 40 pics, audiotaped the whole show and got a guitar pick, a drumstick, a billion doller bill and one of big rubber balls after it was busted.

Pocketwocket - me's a she

Hoosier, yes I threw myself on stage, ryan roxie and eric dover had a drum off and then tossed the stix out, one of roxies got caught in the footing of the lighting about 8 feet in front of me. No way was I gonna go through the rest of the show staring at it so I jumped on stage and grabbed it and got off before the cops could grab me!

Glad I didn't try and stay onstage, one guy got up there and the security tackled him big time, 3 of em on this one guy, I know he's hurting right about now.
that sounds cool. maybe he'll be in my neck of the woods sometime.
Hey pony girl you looking seeexxxxxyyyyy... {Yeah Baby} ;)
Some great shots! I think he was wearing that same outfit back when I saw him in the 70's if I remember, I think. ;) Thanks for sharing. :thumbsup: rr
Jeff Koch said:
I'll wager that I'm the only one here to own the Japan-only CD versions of Flush the Fashion, Special Forces, Zipper Catches Skin and Dada...

Nope, I don't have any CDs of Alice, but my vinyl copies of Welcome to My Nightmare, Billion Dollar babies, Goes to Hell and Flush the Fashion, as well as Killer and Greatest Hits are still in great condition! :thumbsup:
midtown said:
LOL, thanks for the laugh Mid! Me and my friend ate at TGIFs before the show and this guy at the bar was on his cel phone telling someone "guess who I caddied for today....Alice Cooper!"

He sure does keep his stage persona (Alice) and his true self (Vincent) seperate!
Wow, great shots, Pony! Thanks!

( goes off humming "Halo of Flies" to himself....)
COOL pics pony!

Never got the opportunity to see Cooper in person, but have always enjoyed his music!

I still listen to his "BEST OF", "KILLER", "SCHOOLS OUT", and "BILLION DOLLAR BABY" albums once in a while.
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