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O/T: For 2008?... It's a family affair !!!

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RC2 owns JL as well as ERTL.. For 2008 JL releases, why not stay within the family? Less legality loopholes if they have already been produced...???
These are pics of ERTL 1/18 releases that would work. Which ones would you like to see?. Try to make it your top three. Who knows, maybe the decision-makers can use the poll information.. ( at least this type of hopeful wishing is not such a shot in the dark..) :thumbsup:
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And a few More.. THIS IS THE 2ND OF 3 SETS.. see two replies down for the 3rd .. :cool:
They're all winners, except for the paint/interior on the '60 Starliner. Black on black would be dynamite on that car. :cool:
I found a few more to choose from...
Where's the oldsmobile? Ertl makes some 1/18th olds.

That red/black GTX is sharp,the impalas are always big in my book,and the grand prix...had a friend with a grand prix,that car was fast stuffed full of pontiac 455.

I like your optimism. I really hope and pray there will be a 2008.
Id love to see new colors in the 60 Starliner , theyve not done aqua or turquoise .. 61 & 62 Pontiacs would be good , 68 Road Runner has had very few examples made too .. 65 Chevelle in white or blue ... take 56 Ford conv & make it a hdtp .. etc ..
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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