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Lookout the Mac is Back!!
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AutoFest Mustang Test Shot Auction going on over at the Motomax board

Here is the link


Original factory 3 car AutoFest Pace Car Test Shots

Each car in the set is numbered “000” with a pre-production sticker (production version is a hologram) and is factory sealed inside the blister.

You get all three versions including the FIRST ever casting featuring Fresh Cherries red wheels.

You will also get 8.5 X 11 prints of the mock up art done by Velocity Studios and the first photo shop picture done by Peter Modaffari.

These items are beyond rare. These are the first cars and the sealed blisters and number guarantee this. There is history involved, something new and is show related. A chase car is rare, this is once in a lifetime!

Auction ends Tuesday night, April 24th at 9:00 EST.

Good Luck

Mark Hosaflook

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