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Here is the link to the BRL Novak National Finals entry form. www.brl-racing.com

Some notes items you should be aware of,

Your entry MUST be pre-paid this year.

- The top 36 drivers in Sportsman Stock and Pro 4300 along with the top 18 in Pro Modified points will be guaranteed an entry in there class at the finals provided they meet the entry deadline of March 23rd. (points will be calculated based on you top 3 scores).

- The above drivers along with a few series sponsors will be guaranteed pit positions inside the main building. All other will be in the adjacent building about 30feet away.

- The remainder of the open entry positions will be filled by the date your entry is received.

- This years race will be capped at 150 drivers. Indications are this race will fill up fast so don’t delay in sending in your entry form.

- A full race schedule will be posted 3/14. ( Note: You will want to be here Friday morning as it is a full practice day)

Again this year all practice will be with drivers in your heat. A formula using current points position (after 3 races) will be used to sort the qualifiers.

Everyone had a great time at last year race this year should be even better,

Hope to see you there. :wave:
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