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I was able to find a 2020 casting list for the DC Character Cars (7), Disney (32), Marvel (13), Masters of the Universe (5), Minecraft (7), Minions (7), Overwatch (5), Sanro (3), Spongebob (6), Star Wars (14), Street Fighter V (5), Super Mario (8), and TMNT (5). The Disney group actually has 6 mixes released. So nomination wise make one nomination from each mix you want to. Meaning you dont have to nominate one from each mix group if you dont want to - only your most favorites.

Like many of the other themed series I dont remember seeing all of these in our distribution area this past year - so I am not sure if they were all definitely released. Also if I missed any let me. Some of the 2 packs and 5 packs dont have year distributions with them either.

Please list the series name and the casting name for each nomination.

While we are here go ahead and nominate a favorite series overall if you have one.

I will close the nomination process sometime next Wednesday and set up voting threads as needed based on the overall nominations.

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Here are all my nominations.

DC wonder woman 84 golden armor.

Disney character cars.

Frozen Olaf.

Little mermaid Ariel.

Winning the pooh tigger.

Toy story woody.

Micky mouse and friends daisy duck.

And monsters inc sully.

Marvel miss marvel.

Masters of the universe he-man.

Minecraft ocelot.

Minions young gru.

Overwatch D.VA

Sanrio hello kitty.

Spongebob squarepants spongebob squarepants himself.

Star wars lando calrissian.

Street fighter vega.

Super Mario bullet bill.

Teenage mutant ninja turtle's leonardo.
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