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Where i live i have a Wally's 20 min. to the south and one 15 min to the north last nite stopped north NOTHING :( Today i hit the south !! no dump bin but plenty of new on the pegs ----- got 2 of the 68 Dart
2 of the white bugs
1 yellow GTO
1 Green Roadrunner
1 purple Cuda
1 red Tomahawk
out of all the new cars this is all i could find of each of these --- every card x cept the Darts and the Tomahawk were bent!!! :mad: Couldn't find the 55 panel which i want bad cause this is one of the years I mainly collect.When i do come across them you can bet I'll buy everyone i can get my hands on!!Bent or not they will be comming home with me!!! :tongue:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts