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Nice to see the "duds" disappearing from Wal Marts!

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I had been convinced that some of these JL pegwarmers were going to be around forever, and would most likely still be hanging there ten years from now (the die cast equivalent of cockroaches!).

But more and more of the Wally's are dropping the prices to a buck and, wonder of wonders, these things are finally going away!!!!!!!

It is sooooooo nice to walk into a Wally and see the pegs free of these things. Just hope that they don't stay empty for too long (it appears that each store just got in one shot of the new cars so far :rolleyes: )
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Some stores still have them, they are still in the clearance aisle. :) It's still nice to see fresh stock on the pegs where stores have received shipments. It's even nicer to see empty pegs than those old pegwarmers.
montegogt said:
Now If they would just get more new JLs in. The wallys near where I work has just 2 new JLs from the Classic Gold series. The Lincoln and the Caddy.
That's going to be the real sign as to how things go this year. How often they replenish. I'm thinking WM is going to be like Target, only a case every couple months. Store finds may be few and far between this year.
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