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Nice new wall deco..with 4 wheels..

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So, i have been on a chase only kick lately..but this car, well, the pic says it all, found a full new case on the shelf, all pristine cards, except the camaros, the cards had been torn in half, and were missing the top portion, umm, this happens to ALL the new htf hot wheels models, so, i got the manger to sell them too me for 2.00 bucks apiece, i bought all 3...i'd love to find who does this, because i open my hot wheels and purposely buy the "mangled so it will be here when i come back" cars, i bet it pisses that guy off..ok, on to this beauty of a ride..this is the car that broke the chase only rule..

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A guy did that to about 12 TH one time. Tore the corner off every one. I had the 2 that were there, so I picked them out (yes, I was bored) and put them all on the 1st peg of about 12 pegs. The next guy in must have pooped his pants to see that many Th's on the front pegs!
Sorry, back to the topic. That is just miserable of someone to do that. When I find one, I plan on opening it, but a LOT of guys like the MOMC. If you don't want it, leave it alone!!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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