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Nice new wall deco..with 4 wheels..

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So, i have been on a chase only kick lately..but this car, well, the pic says it all, found a full new case on the shelf, all pristine cards, except the camaros, the cards had been torn in half, and were missing the top portion, umm, this happens to ALL the new htf hot wheels models, so, i got the manger to sell them too me for 2.00 bucks apiece, i bought all 3...i'd love to find who does this, because i open my hot wheels and purposely buy the "mangled so it will be here when i come back" cars, i bet it pisses that guy off..ok, on to this beauty of a ride..this is the car that broke the chase only rule..

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I remember back when the 1995 THs came out. A few idiots started punching holes in all the HW cards with a hole punch in the shapes of half moons - flying blood sucking bats and stars in my area.... Sure pi**ed off alot of collectors when they spotted something they wanted, like a 95 TH punched. Many feel it was a inside job. Can't imagine driving all around just to punch holes in packages, but hey, nothing would surprise me if it actually happend with how many wackos are out in the world. We figured it had to be a inside job with friends who worked Walmarts Targets and TRU as nothing else was punched in the toy aisle - just the HWs. Nothing easier than making a simple phone call to make that kind of thing to happen.

About 2000 the manager of Toys at WAL*MART punched holes in cards of Treasure Hunts (only Treasure Hunts). She hated collectors. I stopped at WAL*MART on my way to work (early morning), and she was putting cars on the pegs from new cases. She wouldn't let me touch a car until in was on the peg. I noticed a TH in the case, she pulled it and punched a hole in the card with a hole punch (I couldn't believe she did that). Several months later I heard she was in a bad wreck. I guess what goes aroud, comes around.

It was nice that the manager gave you a discount Craig.
All those who hide cars for later like a five year old say "Aye!" - Aye! :tongue:

Getting in a bad wreck is what you get for punching holes in cards? That's a little strong. But let's face it, collectors can be an annoying lot. If I were a toy manager, I'd get tired of having grown men creeping around making a fuss over what's in the box before it's even on the shelf. And not everyone cleans up after themselves after rifling through the pegs either.

You need to read my post Full Flaps. I never wished any harm to her. I said "Several months later I heard she was in a bad wreck. I guess what goes around, comes around".

Maybe I shoundn't have said "I guess what goes around, comes around". Sorry I said it now.

I'm not even sure if the rumor was true about her getting in a bad wreck. A collector told me about her getting in a wreck, but he gave her a hard time constantly. I talked nice to her, even though she had an attitude. Many associates don't like collectors. I understand why. I rarely went to the store when she was working after the incident with her punching holes in Treasure Hunt cards. I stopped on my way home after work.

Now I'm lucky if I look for diecast once or twice a week when I go shopping with my wife.

I could care less if associates punched holes in Treasure Hunt cards now.
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