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Hi People, newbie here.

I have just bought a Traxxas Bandit for starters, paid $150 brand new with battery and charger. Cool little car. What are peoples thoughts on these cars?

Secondly a mate wants to sell me his Tamiya Nitro 4WD road race car, he says its worth AUD$700 car only but then has controller etc and couple of liters of gas to go with it and spare tires etc. He has owned it for like 6 months and total use 3 hours current motor has about 1 hour work after rebuild. it is 4wd two speed tranny does 60+mph. and has electric brakes he says will stop in 10 feet at full throttle pretty impressive stuff if you ask me.
He wants $250AUD what you think? Has subby WRX shell.
Comments please

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Well just so you know most 10th scale cars run on a mixture containing nitromethane and wont run on gasoline. You have to buy the fuel from a hobby store. And imo tamiya cars are excellent quality. Basically if the motor was broken in proporly and keep in tune it should be a good way to get into nitro.IMO of coarse

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Level of vehicles

The Traxxas bandit is an excellent entry level vehicle. You will have fun with it bashing and you can race it. If you decide to race competitively, you would probably upgrade in the future to a different vehicle.
It is very durable and you paid a great price for the package.
Traxxas has great customer service. There is a discussion forum on the Traxxas web site also where you can ask questions about the Bandit.

The Tamiya Sedan is a whole different beast. You did not say what model.
It should be very capable of 60 mph. Completely adjustable and tunable.
Sedan racing and running for fun is exciting. It can become very technical if you get serious about racing.
The price he is asking is an excellent price.
Hope this helps you.
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