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My name is Steve. I recently got reaquainted with collecting Matchbox cars after a 35 year hiatus. It all got started as I was hunting the elusive Hot Wheels Batmobile. I'm a big Silver Age DC comics fan and checked the aisles of the big box stores frequently hoping to snag one (finally did). While perusing the diecast aisle, I remembered the great times I had with my MB's back in the late 1960's & early 1970's. I looked over the current crop of MB's and liked what I saw. Besides, at 97 cents apiece, why not pick up a couple just for old times sake?

Well, one led to another...and another...and another... Over the past couple months I've picked up 73 of the single blister-packed vehicles and one 5-pack of 1950's/1960's cars. Guess I'm hooked.

Meanwhile, I got to digging around in some of my childhood stash and unearthed the following vintage relics:

Ford Kennel truck #50
Dodge BP Wreck Truck #13
Leyland BP Petrol Tanker #32
MG 1100 #64
Foden Concrete Truck #21

These are all pre-Superfast vehicles.

Hope to learn more from the boards in the coming days.

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