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I'm new to the hobby but i've been a long time collector. I generally know how the whole supply/demand thing works but some of these prices are just odd so I need to ask the experts. I decided right from the beginning I want to only buy quality diecasts, like hotwheels elite, autoart, etc. ($60-120 range)
First thing I did was try to find some good deals and I came up with these prices

1:18 Hot Wheels Elite FXX Evoluzione $45
1:18 Hot Wheels Elite 599XX $70
1:18 Hot Wheels Elite 458 Italia $150+

Now I had a hard time wrapping my head around the differences because aren't they all from the same set with similar build quality? I know they aren't action figures but I figured they'd be somewhat similar and they are far from it. Why the big price differences? Is the FXX for example a steal or is it just not in demand by collectors? It seems like easily the best value purchase. Does nobody want that one?

Other question is do they all start at the same initial price at like a ToysRus? If yes what is that price? I know autoart is different but I figured hot wheels would be the same. Or do they all get set with their own different prices right off the bat? Who sells these kinds of toys in the US, is it a hobby store specific thing only, or is it a toy you can find in most big chain stores? Is the foundation series the same way or different? I'm guessing maybe the foundation is only available at chains but who sells Elites and how do they get priced then? :freak:

Thanks for any info and i'll probably have more follow up questions.

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