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RC CAR King/MMR Carpet Oval Class Rules

Legends - 3.7v Lipo / 3 Cell NiHD. 17.5 Brushless or 27t. Brushed motor. Bushings cars. -
* Absolutely no changes to the configuration of the chassis. Minor grinding for easement of steering linkage and body mounting is allowed.
* Any location for the receiver and speed control on top of the battery plate is allowed. Steering servo may be mounted on the front axel plate. An extension of the battery tray or an additional servo plate may be added.
* No changes are allowed to the front steering blocks. Front springs may be changed from the original as supplied with the car. Shims are allowed on the front spindles to stiffen the suspension. A front king pin brace may be added to prevent breakage of the front axel plate. The front axel may be modified for better retention of the axel. The front axel plate may be a one, two or three piece design.
* Original steering rods may be bent as needed and double locking collars may be added. Tie rod turnbuckles may be used as a replacement for the wire steering rods supplied with the kit.
* Any after market plastic front bumper may be used. Bumpers may not extend beyond the straight track width of the front tires.
*No ball bearings may be used on the front and rear axels.
* No changes allowed to the rear axle or differential. No ceramic or carbide diff. balls or drive rings are allowed. Must use 81 tooth - 48 pitch plastic spur gear only. No lightweight rear axels. No thrust bearings other than the one in the differential.
* Aluminum rear hubs may be used in lieu of, molded plastic furnished with the kit. Ball bearings are not allowed in the rear differential hub.
* Only genuine R/C Legends bodies are allowed. Body must be painted with all windows clear. Front and rear windows must be left intact.
* Tires can only be the Legends spec foam tires marked with the light colored band in the foam. (RJ Speed Part # 2520 for the front, 2530 for the rear, Trinity, Bolink).
* No roll over stiff antennas are allowed. The antenna may be mounted under the body.
* Brush Motor armature must be labeled as 27t or 17.5BL SPEC. Motor must remain stock with no internal or external modification. Original (OEM) brushes must be replaced with an R or F or S
Stamped brush. Solder or eyelet brushes may be used. Spec brush springs must be used. External label may be removed. * * * * Must use a 21 or 22 tooth motor pinion only.
* 3 Cell NiCD or NIMH batteries are allowed, as well as 2 cell Lipo No hard wiring allowed.
* Reverse direction not allowed.

MMR Traxxas Slash Spec - with optional 1/8 late model body. You can remove front bumper for oval body mounting. You can change the radio system. You can change the shock springs and oil. Batteries - 6 sub-C rechargeable batteries at 1.2 v per cell or 2 cell LiPo (7.4v max). If it is not stated here, then you cannot change it - check race director for clarification on changes or questions.
Pan Car - 21.5 Brushless Spec motor. 2 Cell (7.4v) lipo - Pro Stock 21.5 / 2 cell Lipo – This class will follow the same BRL motor, battery and body rules as last season; Novak 21.5 SS Pro motors, SMC 3228 batteries and Nationwide Series style NASCAR bodies running 1 “ spoilers only, no wings. The rear of the body must remain in place above the manufacturer’s molded in cut line.

Pan Car - 10.5 Brushless motor. Single cell lipo (3.7v). - Pro Stock 10.5 / 1 cell Lipo – This class will follow TOUR rules and use NASCAR Nationwide Series bodies with any 10.5 brushless motor and single cell Lipo battery which is ROAR approved on or before October 1st, 2009. Motors or batteries approved after that date will not be legal during the 2009-2010 season. Wings and cutting out the rear of the body will be permitted.

Limited Late Model Rules - 2WD only cars, and you can not take a 4WD car and take out the front drive shafts.
Motor: 19T Locked end bell brushed motor or Brushless 13.5 to roar spec.
Batteries - 6 sub-C rechargeable batteries at 1.2 v per cell or 2 cell LiPo (7.4v max).
Must be a 2WD off road buggy chassis. (Examples: Associated, Team Losi, Duratrax, Traxxas, HPI ect) No chassis modifications, chassis must be original design by the manufacture of that kit. No aftermarket upgrade chassis allowed such as Putnam, JRC, Custom Works, GMS Hugger, X Factory, Factory Works, Dyno Tech, Huricane, basicly no performance enhansing or purpose built kits/conversion allowed. Battery and motor must be in stock location from original manufacture. Modifications to mount body mounts/post or front bumper is allowed.
Must run buggy length shocks and be mounted in stock mounting holes in shock tower and arms. Shock must have full travel, no limiters in shocks.
Must run stock buggy suspension arm mounts and stock buggy arms (if you have to modify the arm mounts or chassis to make mounts work it is not allowed).
No alum outdrives or drive shafts. Steel only.
Must run a buggy size rim 2.2" or Custom Works 2" rubber style rim. Rubber tires only, no cap tires or silicone tires allowed, must have visible tread. No foam tires allowed.
Allowed tires: Any rear buggy size off road tire or street pattern type rubber tire or Custom Works Street Trac tire part numbers 6213, 6214 or 6215 on rear only. Any front buggy size off road ribbed or street pattern type rubber tire or Custom Works Street Trac tire part number 6204 or 6205 on front only. All Custom Works rear tires must be mounted on Custom Works rims part number 6253 and all front tires must be mounted on part number 6252. Any other combination must be approved with race director before racing. Tire rules are intended to insure that larger tires are on the rear and narrower tires are on the front. No exceptions, make it work.
Use of different rear hub carrier other then original or modification to original rear hub carrier for clearance on rim is allowed.
Use of wheel spacers is allowed. You must be under the 10" width rule if using spacers.
Motor must be rear mounted behind tires.
Must run a slipper clutch assembly, no slipper eliminators allowed, must run a original style gear cover.
Max width with out body is 10", that is outside of tires to outside of tires must clear 10" no exceptions.
Weight limit: 50 oz.
We will use DODC (www.dirtoval.com) Late Model body rules.
Late Models - The only bodies legal for the Late Model class are those that have been approved by DirtOval.com and are listed on the DirtOval.com Approved Late Model body list.

Other Classes - As always on weekend races if we have 2 of a chassis we will run it an see how it develops. With exception - no open shock tower classes.
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