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New TFX Chevy Stocker

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Hi folks,

Here is a look at the race prize body for the upcomming speed week mail in race. It is an AFX Chevy Stocker that has been shrunk to TJET SWB TJET size. It has RRR wheels and his new white letterd tires.

It is shown on an unmodified NOS SWB TJET Chassis. It can be slammed down if you cut the gear plate rails and thin the the area just in front of the rear body post which is right behind the rear glass. I just finished the paint on a Coca Cola Chevelle that will be slammed down so you can see the difference. I should finish it this week.

Roger Corrie
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For those that are interested a TFX is a shrunken AFX body. here is photo of the original AFX next to the TFX so you can get an idea of the size. The TFX body will fit throughan 1 1/8 tech block

Roger Corrie
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I'm always amazed when I see one of these shrunken car.
I can't even cast a car, so shrunking one is way beyond my knowledge
Mini Me...

That is awsome...looks like you put it in a shrinko machine.. :thumbsup:
WesJY said:
Awesome job man!! :thumbsup:

Would have to agree with Wes! :thumbsup: Dave
As the group noted the high cool factor on this car and Buster coined the classic "shrinko machine" terminology, I found myself wondering if this machine also has an "Easy" button as standard equipment? Not only was this car masterfully de-scaled but it got changed from a small block to a big block. Varooooom! LOL. As always, very nifty Roger.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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