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TC Hobbys has a new pavement track in Lee NH.

Oval racing Tuesday nights.
Practice 6-7pm - Racing starts at 7:30pm
Classes: 1/18th pan oval (nascar bodies)
1/10th pan stock oval (nascar bodies)
Legends oval

Road course Thursday nights.
Practice 6-7pm - Racing starts at 7:30pm
Classes: 1/18th pan
1/18th sedan

Entry fee $5


pics soon

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Results for may 27th oval

We had a great first night of oval racing with
10 racers showing up even with the threatening
weather. This was the first real test on how the
10th scale cars would run. The track was designed
for 18th scale only but they bigger cars ran great.
The A main had some real good door to door racing.
Bill Jr jumped out with an early lead with Tawnya and
Shawn right behind. Shawn got by Tawnya and set
his sights on Bill Jr. Not long after Bill jr tapped the boards
and Shawn went by with the winning pass and grabbed a
half a track lead. Tawnya and bill swapped back an forth
for the rest of the race with Bill Jr pulling down second.
That was a great race and lots of fun.

18th stock was lots of fun too. With 5 cars in the
main. Two cars dropped out early, Ricky and Shawn.
The race was now down to three people bud, bill,
and dean jr. Bill got tangled up early and was playing
catch up but just ran out of time. Dean jr got the win.

Great racing and thanks for a fun night.

10th stock

1st Shawn 56 4m 1.85s
2nd Bill Jr 55 4m 0.95s
3rd Tawnya 55 4m 3.46s
4 Larry 0 0m 0.00s Did Not Finish

1st Frank 50 4m 5.86s
2nd Ed 44 4m 5.36s
3 Bill B 0 0m 0.00s Did Not Finish

18th pan stock

1st Dean Jr 43 4m 5.05s
2nd Bill B 42 4m 4.50s
3rd Bud 38 4m 0.75s
4th Shawn 13 1m13.96s
5th Ricky 5 0m56.88s


1st Larry 45 4m 4.10s
2nd Bud 42 4m 0.29s

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Results for thursday onroad

28th stock A

1st Dean Jr 27 6m10.25s
2nd Bill 25 6m 7.60s
3rd Larry 23 6m10.10s

28th stock B

1st Jason 20 6m10.58s
2nd Glen 6 1m48.40s

18th Sedan A

1st Dean Jr 28 6m 1.62s
2nd Larry 27 6m 9.13s
3rd Ricky 26 6m 8.83s
4th Tom 0 0m 0.00s

18th Sedan B

1st Bill Sr 25 6m 7.98s
2nd Bud 23 6m 0.72s
3rd Bill 14 6m13.23s

28th mod A

1st Sccott 24 6m 6.23s
2nd Bill Jr 24 6m 7.63s
3rd Philip 22 6m18.35s

18th pan sedan stock

1st Larry 29 6m 3.97s
2nd Bud 26 6m13.73s
3rd Bill 0 0m 0.00s

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Hi Ed,

I did very well. I took down first in
mini z open and second in mini z stock.

The entire trip was great. We all had
a great time. The track was really
great and the competition was awesome.
Both races were less then a second apart.

See you Tuesday.


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Hi Bill,

I should have time in a few weeks to run on Tuesday nights for the oval. Track looks nice, and I hear from Coro Kid that you have been stress testing all the walls :lol: , sorry but your evolution will not be competitive enough :jest: . See ya in a few if not sooner.

Jim :thumbsup:

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It's about 4 hours from CP NY to Lee NH.
We have some guys that used to race
in wakefield and K&N Race there.
I'm doing well just works been killing
me. Life of a software eng in bad times.


You know and i know that Open guys can't
race stock. :jest: I'll just have my dad Mr Reedy
whip me up a stock motor with the HeeHaw
dyno. :thumbsup:
The Evolution 10 had about 2 inches of dust on
it when i took it off the shelf. The Dark Side
is running really well for a car that is many years
old. I can't afford a new one so it will have to
do for now.

Can't wait to see you jimmay.

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Well I`ll be coaching ol`jim in the school of crotty r/c hack moves so he can servive racing the hammer bothers! :thumbsup: Of coarse he is MR Smooth,he should get highroller out of work for this one.I`ve already have Jims Batteries , Jims motor and Jims old fast car.
CORO :devil:

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Anchor 2

Well, Well, Well, If it isn't the old Sea Gull himself. And he's going to race a stock motor. He best get the old guy to fix one up or he isn't going to even keep up to the Coro Kid let alone Bill Jr. In case you can't find the place Jimmine look for the tire smoke and the sound of the "Hee Haw" machine. If you really want to try some fun borrow either Larry or Bill Sr.s BRP car and try to give Bill Jr. a run in the 18th scale division.

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Hey Silverbullet,

Maybe I'll bring my FX10 out of retirement to show all how to run fast on the hot top! Does your hee haaw need to graze before you test each motor. :jest:

Just be ready, I was hoping to be there this coming Tues, but taking the kids out, so plan on the Tues after or I might make a surprise appearance to the secret run!

Jim :thumbsup:

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I'm sure you probably race like a Jeff Gordon fan (slow and full of excuses, if you don't punt them first)! :eek: DOH!

However, I drive like the #3, so I will have to lean on your car in the corners, if you can keep up :lol:


ps. Watch out for Coro kid he has been doing some testing for his 18th scale car. He fell over laughing when I inquired how fast silverbullet was running. :tongue:

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Well the anti rain dance worked. We got in the entire night
of racing in and on the way home it started to rain. So far
we have not been rained out this year....knock on wood.

We had 12 people racing 24 cars. 6 28th stock,
7 18th sedan stock, 5 28th mod, 6 18th sedan mod.

In 28th stock Dean Jr TQd but wasn't able to race the main
because his servo in his micro died and he was franticly
fixing it. But that didn't change the drivers competitiveness.
Larry and Jason battled back and fourth till the very end with
Larry beating out Jason. Great race Jason and Larry. Just think
Jason has only been racing for 3 weeks now. Bill Sr, Glen, and
Bud battled it out for the last three positions. Maybe next week

In 18th sedan stock Bill Jr TQed with Tom a close second. Tom
had to leave early before the main so he didn't get to run. Bill Jr
took home the win but the real battle was for second. Bill Sr and
Dean Jr were swapping the second position back and fourth. Good
old Bill Sr Pulled a Jeff Gordon move on the last lap when the buzzer
sounded. Punted Dean Jr coming onto the straight away and walked
away with second and Dean Jr got third. Larry was right up in the mix
until he got tangled up and put on his side and lost a lap. He battled
Jason and Bud for the fourth spot. Bill Jr has to teach his dad
how to pass cleanly.

In 28th mod Bill Jr TQed but with stiff competition. Dean Sr came out
of his short retirement to challenge Jr. Dean Sr and Bill Jr were neck
and neck the entire race. Dean was driving his pro-z with a SO3
and Bill was driving his all kyosho parts mini-z with an xspeed motor.
Dean had much more horse power. He would be four feet behind Bill
in the beginning of the straight and four feet a head at the end. Lap
after lap Bill would pass Dean in the infield and then Dean would
motor by Bill on the straight. Dean took down the win with a
flawless lap at the end. Dean Jr took home third and Philip
with some handling problems was fourth. Glen finished up in

In 18th Sedan mod Bill Jr TQed but again Dean Sr right behind.
The Main started out great. Bill Jr, Dean Sr, Brian, and Phil
were all battling for the lead. Bill Jr then was pulling away from
Dean and Brian. Phil was fading a little with a little less HP then
the rest of the guys. Brian lost a tire and dropped out of the lead
contention. With Brian out Dean then set his sights on Bill and
caught him with 2 minutes to go. Dean passed Bill and both battled
to the end with Dean taking down the win. Sams car was glitching and
Glen had a problem with his speed control after flying off the track in
the second heat. Dean Sr sweeping the mod class for the night.

Join us next Thursday to say farewell to Philip. He is moving to LA
and next week is his last day racing with us. We will surly miss
his company and all the help he has giving all the racers. He also
raised the competition level up a bunch with his driving skills and
super speed.
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