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New Orleans Police Dept. car

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Hi folks! New to this board, and have a question maybe some of you can help me with. Found some New Orleans P.D. Crown Vic's (boxed, not carded) at a Dollar Tree. Most had chrome wheels, but a couple had gray wheels. Bought both of those and a couple of the regular ones.
Opened up one of the chrome wheel cars, and tried to open the hood. Almost seems like it isn't stuck, but rather wasn't made to open. Can anyone offer insight into this car, both the hood and gray wheel issues? I haven't received my Tomart guide yet, so thought I'd try here in the meantime. thanks.
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Welcome to the board and hope to see you around. Sorry I can't answer this one but there are lots of smart guys and gals out here. Enjoy.


What series is this from? I have the WL version on the New Orleans Ford Crown Victoria on a card from the series American Blue. I also checked my Tomart guide and all I saw listed was the chrome and WL version of this card so I don't really know about the gray wheels. Hope this helps some.
New Orleans P.D Car

Thanks for the reply. As I said before, it isn't from any carded series, it's in a seperate small box, sort of like what Racing Champions used to do. Never saw a single boxed Johnny Lightning before. Item # is 271-40 if that helps anyone. It has no series ID on it anywhere. Has anyone opened any Crown Vic in any series and the hood doesn't open? I generally don't open my JL's and assumed they all had opening hoods! That's what I get for assumimg! Thanks.
Thanks Jeff, but what exactly is a re-pack? Is it something that originally was on a card but for some reason was re-boxed? There were quite a few of the cars with the chrome wheels, maybe 75 or more. That's a lot of re-packs! And do the gray wheels have any signifigance for the few that had them?
this car was before my time so I can't verify the wheels.

Repacks are exactly as they sound: old product in new packaging. Classic Chevy was a repack. The early musclecar box sets we did a couple years back were repacks. We generally do blistercards but some shops don't do peggables, and if we have sufficient overstock it's cheaper to ship them to the Orient and repack them in packaging they want then to make new stuff.


Has anybody pulled a wl out of these repacks?
I have billions of Chitcago Police cars in my area with no indication of chase cars. :dude:
I have now checked a couple of other DT stores that had these N. O.P.D. cars, must have seen over 125-150 of them now, and no clear W/Ls yet, just a few of the "gray wheel" variations. Another store had about 75 South Carolina (?) Camaro pursuit cars in repacks, but no W/Ls and all had chrome wheels. Maybe they didn't make a W/L in those series, or if so, maybe they pulled them out during the repacking? Jeff, any insight into that? Oh, my Tomart guide came today! Haven't had time to really look (lots of yardwork to get done while the sun peeks out up here!), but from what I did see, it's really nice! Can anyone answer that question about the non-opening hoods on the Crown Vics, by the way? Thanks.
RobDog said:
Has anybody pulled a wl out of these repacks?
I have billions of Chitcago Police cars in my area with no indication of chase cars. :dude:
I found one WL. It has white wheels and white interior.

Regarding the grey wheel question, I also noted just a few examples. My guess is that they somehow missed the chroming process.
ive heard that the new orleans harbor police car has both wheels also, and that whiteys can be found,,, :cool:
The Crown Vickys I have opened from the packaging do not have opening hoods . Detail is well done that it looks like it could . Never saw any gray wheel versions . Lots of New Orleans carded cars here , no boxes ...
i found some of the camaro state trooper cars at dollar tree and found 2 white lightning ones with white interior and white wheels,and gave them both to my son
Found a wl chevy tahao in a box. put it with the others thought it looks nice :thumbsup:
Use Caution!

Friendly Schwendy said:
ive heard that the new orleans harbor police car has both wheels also, and that whiteys can be found,,, :cool:
Schwendly will know what speak of... you have to be careful buying these N.O. police cars they could be recovered stolen vehichles they just didn't return.
Seems they were using SRV for undercover work a while back until an owner flagged over two Detectives driving his car. :)
His Ins company had a fit since they had already paid it off and owner had new one. Check Vin#'s on these before opoening.
A lttle humoruos unless it's your car.
2 funny!

:lol: i can't imagine what requisitions had to say about that one

well, at a dollar a pop, ill take the risk, whats the most i have to worry about, a mini new orleans boot? :jest:
I have have looked through hundreds and found only one wl. white hubs and interior. Have noticed a few with darker blue lights.
actually I was replying to robdogs question regarding white lightning chicago police cars from the dollar tree.
I have since been to other Dollar Tree stores, and have managed to find several South Carolina Camaro W/L's, including some in Connecticut stores (sorry, Eric!). Also was given one of those display boxes with the peg hooks by a store manager, to use at home for convenient storage.
One store even let me open up two of those pre-packed displays of Thunderbirds and Willys cars, not a W/L in either!
Ha ha ha.......

Recently I had my 1,000th post, and jokingly wondered what my first post was. Well, sometimes for kicks, I try to look back through other members old posts and see what names from the past turn up, people we haven't heard from in a while.

Tonight, on a whim, I went to "find all threads started by Carnut" to see how far back that went, and lo and behold, here is my very first post ever, apparently (it was posted the day after I first learned of HT and joined!).

Take a gander two years back and have a stroll down memory lane, check out some of the now unheard from names. Enjoy!
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