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Anyone attending the Toledo Toy Fair this weekend to confirm this?

A new company called Retro Hobby is working to reissue models for people interested in Showrods, Monsters, Funny Cars, Dragsters, Pro Stocks, Trucks, and Annuals.

While I'm only interested in the monsters and showrods. I'm curious to see what happens. The first four models planned are:

Ed Roth's Mail Box Chopper
Milk Trike (tm) - formerly 'T' Trike
Taco Trike (tm) - formerly Wedge Chopper
Tiki Trike (tm) - formerly Digger Trike

Added: The information came from John Greczula, who is starting the new company. The info I received said he was announcing this today at the Toledo Toy Fair, and wanted help spreading the word. But I have no confirmation yet.

Also added: Here, I found out where this was announced:

Scroll down to the ANNOUNCING RETRO HOBBY post
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