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Walked into Walmart yesterday looking for more $1 cars :thumbsup: ..(I love this!!)

Hanging on some of the HotWheels pegs were a few new Johnnies...

Classic Gold '59 Cadillac - A favorite casting of mine
Pony Power '65 Mustang - Great stance and finish
Pony Power '69 Javelin - Two tone rims look great
MuscleCars '68 Olds 442 - Amazing....looking forward to more variants
Johnny Retro '69 Camaro - The Colour got me..it's nice

The best part....the price has not gone up...they are still around $4 Canadian each. I think the new packaging is nice but as a confessed opener...it just feels like a waste of resources. As long as the price doesn't rise that's the biggest complaint you'll hear from me!

As for the $1 cars..... :thumbsup:

Got my holygrail..... :tongue:

Working Class Trucks Ford F450 Tow Truck...I love this casting!!!


Project In Progress '55 Nomad
Class of '57 Nomad
Working Class Trucks Landcruiser

A Great diecast day.....I hope this $1 older Johnnies trend continues...

Oh, by the way....not one Hotwheel on the pegs....odd....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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