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Good morning all.

I have the following for trade:

HotRod Magazine Mustang:

Spectrflame Blue GTO and T-Bird. T-Bird has a damaged upper right corner. Appears as a bend on the front and shows a crease on the back.

I'm looking for the following W/L's:

Street Freaks `69 Shelby - any
Muscle car Series `69 Shelby
Mustang II Series 4 `69 Shelby
Mustang II Series 2 Boss 429
Mustang II Series 4 Boss 302
Mustang II Series 1 Boss 302
America's Finest Boxed Chicago Police
America's Finest Carded Cook County Sheriff

I'm also looking for the following HotWheels:

Heart Fund Shelby Cobra
2004 Convention Cobra
Zamac Madd Propz & Crooze-W-Oozie
Scorchin Scooter Treasure Hunt

Email me at: [email protected]

- Mark
1 - 2 of 2 Posts