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I have made a few changes to the HobbyTalk web site configuration so each area will have its own domain name. As we start planning for expansion for HobbyTalk I felt we needed a way distinguish each area. Some may have noticed that this process has already started.

If you visit the RC Swap and Sell area you used to go to:
You are now automatically directed to:

Also, if you visit the Photo Album you used to go to:
You are now automatically directed to:

At some point in the near future the forums will be changing from:
If you would like, you can click on the above link to try it and see what happens.

As a visitor you don’t have to do anything. You are automatically taken to the new domains. There should be no effects on your log-in and old links to the forums (or Swap & Sell and Photo Album) will continue to work. What you may want to do is change any bookmarks you have or resave your bookmarks to any of the above areas.

Why are we doing this? We are planning to offer more info on the current offerings, to expand into new "hobby" areas and to offer more features. The new domain structure will help distinguish each of these areas better.

If anyone is interested in assisting in expanding coverage in the topic areas we now cover or have suggestions for new topics, please email me and let me know. While we can’t offer any type of "pay" we can offer a few expanded "goodies" for those that are active contributors.

Questions and comments are encouraged!
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