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I went to wally world to do some shopping and i found new product. I pulled finally my last car for the muscle mania collection. I have all the cars with most variants. I also pulled a green triumph and three new 2010 cars a Hot firebird and two mystery cars. A 65 corvette and a car i dont know the casting of. Ill post pictures and you can tell me the car

Does anyone have the listing of castings for 2010?


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Check out this HWC poster's new finds. I especially like the '67 Firebird.:thumbsup:

Yep, it's here. I wandered a little off-track this afternoon after a meting and stumbled across an entire box-lot that had JUST been put out on the pegs- the shelf stockers had cut the box down unfortunately otherwise I would have grabbed it too! I'm already on probation for the week, so a swifty with the credit card before the Financial Controller finds out!

Here's the overview of the day's haul:

For KJ, tutaki and others:

And for the mainliners like me, here's the first taste of the 2010 Premiere releases..

Finds were:
003- Corvette C6R in Copper Orange
029- '70 Plymouth AAR Cuda in Violet
033- Triumph TR6 in BRG
039- Ford GT LM in Pearl White
043- Ford Mustang in Deep Red
Muscle Mania:
082- Olds 442 in Purple/Green
Special Features:
095- Ferrari 512M in Yellow
HW Designs:
099- Hyper Mite in Pearl Orange
Modified Rides:
157- Tail Dragger in Purple


003- '67 Pontiac Firebird 400 in Lime Green
009- '10 Ford Shelby GT500 in Dark Blue
013- Spider Rider in Brown / Unpainted Metal
021- '09 Corvette Stingray Concept in Silver
Track Stars:
066- Acura NSX in Gold over Red
HW Garage:
078- Chevy Silverado in Satin Copper- Cool
081- '40s Woodie in Turquoise (coulda sworn this was a T-Hunt......? hmm..)
HW Performance:
115- '56 Ford in Red
Faster Than Ever:
130- Ford Mustang Fastback in Silver
133- Fast Fish in Gold
HW Hot Rods:
143- Straight Pipes in Purple Thumb's Up
HW Racing:
151- Mad Propz in Blue and Yellow
152- Ferrari F430 Challenge in Red
153- Canyon Carver in White
Hot Auction:
157- Custom '59 Cadillac in Purple Big Grin
159- '64 Chevy Impala in Dark Blue
Race World- City:
179- 5 Alarm in Neon Yellow
182- Armoured Truck in Red
Race World- Cave:
203- Rocket Box in Red
206- Sinastra in Satin Green
Race World- Volcano:
208- Hot Bird in Blue / flamed Hmmm...
210- Twin Mill in Black

I think that's everything- if I missed it, no doubt it will be somewhere else in a few days.

Where does it end? I was looking at the series numbers going up to 214, thinking, 214 releases, at least 2-3 varys of each..... doh!
But KJ, plenty in this box to keep you amused!

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